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Weider 8510 Home Gym

The Weider 8510 home gym has had some very mixed reviews and here you can find a completely objective, thorough evaluation of its strengths and weaknesses.

Weider 8510 Home Gym

Exercises and Features

It has four stations, which work all the muscle groups in the upper and lower body. They are:

  • Machine Press – Works the chest and great for beginners to develop their pectoral muscles before moving on to free weights.
  • Butterfly Arms – Works the chest and shoulders, but can be quite difficult to begin with to get used to.
  • Lat Pull Down – Works the shoulders and back. An all round great exercise that you would find in any public gym.
  • Leg Extensions – Works the legs. Not a great exercise in my opinion, because it isolates the legs, making your total body workout last longer.

The gym has an adjustable weight stack of 36kg or 80lbs and uses a pulley system to double up the the total possible weight on the gym up to 73kg or 160lbs.

It is quite compact and space efficient by only taking up a volume of 2.5 metres cubed (1.93m high, 0.97m wide and 1.35m long) or 88 feet cubed (76in high, 38in wide and 53in long).

Strengths and Weaknesses

I think it is a great starter gym, however the manufacturer has discontinued it and so you can only get it from places like eBay.

However, the benefit in this is that you can get it for much cheaper than it was from around $50 to $200, but expect to have to pick it up from the previous owner.

Another major weakness is that it can be quite difficult to put together so make sure that the guy selling you the gym gives you the manual, or you can download the Weider 8510 Home Gym manual from us here.

The gym has a low weight stack and despite the double up pulley, you may find that you outgrow it relatively quickly.


In conclusion, it won’t cost you the bank and it is a great gym for people looking to get in to building muscle, but it could be hard to find and you may outgrow it quite quickly.

Definitely not for people who have been muscle building for a year or more, but novice bodybuilders who are just getting started and want to move up from doing push ups and dips on chairs, will like its price and ease of use.

Overall, I’d give this gym 2 stars out 5, not bad for a first home gym, but for people looking for a step up not a good choice.

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