Which Body Part Do You Want Exercises For?
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Arm Exercises

Let’s be honest, everyone loves big biceps and arm exercises are the only way you are going to get them.

Key Muscles:

  • Bicep – A three jointed muscle at the front of the upper arm, which is complementary the back. Primarily used in all pulling motions and it is one of the most favoured muscles to build among many people.
  • Tricep – A large muscle at the back of the upper arm, which makes up around two thirds of the total mass of the arm, which is complementary to the chest. Primarily used in all pushing motions and for people who want bigger arms, the muscle that should be exercised more than the bicep.
  • Forearm – Many small muscles that make up the lower part of the arm. Usually exercised in tandem with the rest of the arm primarily in arm exercises and secondarily in back exercises, although can be isolated, it is usually less effective.
  • However most people only work out on their arms and so end up with an asymmetrical body shape that looks and feels ridiculous. So just with all the other exercises, you must do your arms the same amount as the rest of your body.

    At LearnHomeGym, we favour compound exercises over isolated exercises, because it saves you time and uses more of your body to complete the movement thereby exercising more muscles at once.

    You don't even need a home gym to do them when you just start out, although as you get stronger and more muscular you will need the extra weight and the comfort that some dumbbells or a machine can provide through weight training.

    Bicep Curl

    One of the most well known exercise and favoured exercises, it mainly works out the top part of the arm, with the back as the complimentary muscle, to make it bulge when you pull your forearm towards your shoulders.

    Tricep Dips

    Dips are a compound exercise, which mainly works out the bottom part of the arm, with the chest as the complimentary muscle. It makes up around 70% of the mass of the upper arm, so to maintain a good physique; you should incorporate this into the central part of your workout.

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