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Body Solid Home Gym - Safe, Tough, Comfortable and Affordable

The Body Solid home gym system is guaranteed to help build strength, muscle and tone using their breathtakingly simple machines and just 3 hours a week.

Their fitness equipment go from small space saving apparatus to state of the art home gyms that can be used by more than one person all at an albeit high, but affordable price.

Body Solid has over twenty years of experience in the fitness equipment industry and offers an enormous variety of bodybuilding gear to help you get the body you want. It includes multiple station gyms, aerobic machines, dumb bells, kettle bell, free weight machines and other fitness accessories to help you along the way.

Every single one of the Body Solid home gym selection has different stations for different exercises, most utilising multiple body parts for compound muscle building, so that you get the most value out of your home gym. This includes favourites like pull ups, bicep curls, tricep pull downs, woodcutter for the abs and chest press.

The company was created in 1989 and is based near Chicago in Forest Park Illinois in a massive 200,000 square foot distribution facility and headquarters. They not only sell to home consumers, they also sell to commercial gyms, the military, companies, schools, universities and sports teams so you know that you are getting the same, if not better, quality equipment than the public gym down the road has.

They also include a lifetime no fuss warranty on everything they sell giving you peace of mind that the home gym you purchased will not fall apart on first use or the thousandth use and that you can get a full refund. Not many home gym manufacturers can offer that level of assurance, which demonstrates that they believe that their product will last.

The main disadvantage when comparing Body Solid home gyms with the rest is that the price of their products are somewhat higher than most of their competitors starting from around $1,100 for the lower end model and over $4,000 for the highest end model (the sort used in top commercial gyms). However, you get a lifetime guarantee, numerous safety features, ergonomic design, an extremely durable and tough structure as well as the equiptment that the best public gyms have, which I think more than makes enough value to support the price.

If you want a higher end home gym system then Body Solid is definitely the manufacturer you should be looking at.

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