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Marcy Home Gym

The Marcy home gym collection is one of the most innovative and popular fitness systems available. They include home gyms, weight benches, exercise bikes and elliptical cross trainers.

Their vision, to create products that complement the human body encouraging correct form and technique, is something we totally agree with and stand by with at LearnHomeGym.com.

Walter Marcyan, who was a leading figure in the exercise industry between 1940 and 1960, created the Marcy brand. Born in 1913, he bought his first barbell and weight set at 18 and from the on, dedicated his life to physical conditioning.

During 1932 at 19 years of age, he won the Illinois Competitive Weight Lifting Championship and during the years of the depression, Walter and his friends started to develop some strongman routines.

In 1946, Marcy Gymnasium Equipment built their first fitness machine and Walter started his own gym. He was also the first gym owner to assist members with personal trainers to help them with their weight training. 2 years later he entered and came 6th at the first Mr USA contest.

In the 1960s, Walter came up with the Master Gym, which had loads of exercises, weight selection and small enough to fit in a room. He was also the first to create a multi-station gym that had all the exercises a person would ever need. Also in this decade, Walter started the Physical Power Magazine, which helped to convince athletes that a way of improving their performance was through weight training.

Bruce Lee is one of many famous early bodybuilders to have used a Marcy gym, which he used to create one of the most famous bodies in history for his film Enter The Dragon.

Nowadays, Marcy Fitness develops gyms to fit any budget from entry-level equipment to impressive advanced multi-gyms. All of their products have a extremely high level of safety with stoppers, comfortable and stable benches and fewer latch points to prevent injuries.

So if you are looking for any sort of exercise equipment at all, there is a Marcy fitness machine out there for you, whatever your budget, style and space requirements.

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