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Back Strengthening Exercises

Back strengthening exercises are perfect for broadening your figure and giving you that triangular body shape that you have always wanted.

Key Muscles:

  • Trapezius (Traps) – Large triangular shaped muscle, which goes from the middle of the back to the neck. Exercising this muscle by doing shrugs will help keep at bay back pain and neck pain, because they are typically the weakest and least developed muscle in the back.
  • Latissimus Dorsi (Lats) – Occupy the middle of the back with one on either sides. It usually is a complementary muscle to shoulder exercises. They contribute to the desirable V shape figure of the upper body and are exercised by doing pull ups and lat raises.
  • Rhomboids – Smaller muscles in the middle of the back, which when exercised will help improve posture. Exercised by doing rows and pull ups.
  • A stronger back comes with a whole wreath of benefits such as improved posture, less back or neck pain (occurs from sitting in an office too long) and be able to lift heavier weights.

    The opposing muscle group to the back is the chest and the complementary muscles are the biceps. Most men have their egotistical pride on the chest and so end up with asymmetrical imbalances between the chest and the back, which can be very strange to look at.

    Pull Ups/Chin Ups

    After reading the key muscle section, you should now understand that pull ups are one of the key back strengthening exercises in any upper back training workout. It is a core exercise and so should be done every single time you use your home gym. You can also do them anywhere: on a pull up bar, a ledge in your room, staircases or even scaffolding – just make sure it can take your weight.


    Rows emulate the sport of rowing, but with weighs instead of an oar and water. They are many different types of rows you can do and are a big stepping up point from just doing pull ups as the main one you do from the back strengthing exercises available.


    Shrugs help build up the trapezius muscle, which is one of the least developed muscles in your body and contributes to back pain and neck pain. If you suffer from either of these ailments you should do shrugs to strengthen this muscle as well as to sculpt the top of your back.

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