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Chest Exercise for a Bigger Upper Body

Chest exercise is brilliant for getting a larger upper body and well-defined pecs.

Key Muscles:

  • Pectoralis Major (Pecs) – The muscle most of us wanted to get bigger when we started building muscle, the pecs are fan shaped muscles that are developed by compound exercises such as bench press.
  • Pectoralis Minor – Situated underneath the Pectoralis Major, this muscle is smaller and triangular on the side and is exercised by doing flyes.
  • When you work your chest, the complementary muscles are your triceps and shoulders, while the opposing muscle group is the back.

    Surprisingly, your abdominal muscles will also be exercised, because your core tries to stabilise your body, which works your mid section. This means fewer crunches!

    Contrary to common belief, chest exercise does not give you a broader figure, back exercises do.

    However in order to grow your pectorals, you need to diversify your routine often and move away from the 8-12 rep for 3 sets routine towards low rep, high weight sets, with 2 minute breaks between each set.

    This will target the fast twitch muscle fibres, which are the ones that have the largest potential for growth.


    The single best exercise you should do for your upper body. It works your entire chest, shoulders and triceps. They are usually done lying down on a bench or inclined with a barbell or dumbbell.

    This is a core exercise that you should start with when weight training.


    Another great exercise and one of the few isolation movements that I promote, because of the way it imitates real life. Flyes mainly exercises the Pectoralis Minor muscle, which helps with shoulder rotation. Only done with dumbbells and on an inclined or flat bench.

    Push Ups

    A world famous home gym exercise that doesn’t need any equipment and is utilised by the military, law enforcement and personal trainers around the globe. Everyone should be familiar with the push up and the benefits it provides to the chest, shoulders and triceps.

    Also see Dips - mainly a tricep exercise, but also works the chest..

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