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Learn How To Grow Muscle At Your Home Gym In Just 6 Months!

Use your own house as a home gym and get fit!

I know what its like going into a public gym for the first time.

All the super attractive fit people sprinting on treadmills, lifting enormous weights that I didn't think was possible for any normal human being, everyone seeming to friends with each other and personal trainers who appeared to know it all congratulating their paying customers on doing their first pull up after a year.

It can be extremely intimidating walking in, because everyone will be staring at you and sizing you up.

It doesn't have to be this way…

Instead you can use your house as one big home gym without the fear of others judging you and your body!

Using LearnHomeGym.com, you will understand that:

  • Everyone starts at the bottom (although genetics and general fitness can give you a boost upwards)
  • You don't have to pay outrageous sums to pay for gym membership to get fit
  • You don't have to do fifty exercises for 6 hours a day every day every week to get fit
  • You don't have to leave you sitting room to do most of the exercises that will give you a full body workout
  • You can enjoy getting fit!

I gained over 10 kilograms of muscle in 6 months from working out in my home gym (although I think I could have done it faster had I understood what to do at the beginning) and I am still gaining.

This website is not for those looking to become enormous body builders (they look disgusting!). This is for people who want to get fitter, get stronger and get addicted to endorphins (don't worry, they are the legal high that your body produces on its own…no need to buy illegal drugs!).

So what are you waiting for? Get started now! Check out these starter links below and start your journey to a bigger, stronger, happier you:

Arm Exercises
Let’s be honest, everyone loves big biceps and arm exercises are the only way you are going to get them. However most people only work out on their arms and so end up with an asymmetrical body shape that looks and feels ridiculous. So just with all the other exercises, you must do your arms the same amount as the rest of your body.
Weider Home Gym
The Weider home gym is one the most sought after fitness systems in the world. It completely eliminates the need to go out to a public gym miles away. Instead, you can just stay at home and expect the same quality, value and technology as a fitness centre.
Leg Exercises
Leg exercises are great for getting more muscular thighs and calves. However, most people who work out forget to do them and end up looking asymmetrical, with a big upper body and ‘chicken legs’, which makes them look ridiculous – not the type of body we are trying to build.
Body Solid Home Gym
The Body Solid home gym system is guaranteed to help build strength, muscle and tone using their breathtakingly simple machines and just 3 hours a week. Their fitness equipment go from small space saving apparatus to state of the art home gyms that can be used by more than one person all at an albeit high, but affordable price.
Weight Training Supplements
Weight training supplements such as protein are a very important part of your diet when you start bodybuilding. This is because when you do workout with weights, you create tiny micro tears in your muscles (this is the pain that you feel after). Muscle is made out of protein and so in order to repair the muscle you need more protein.
Best Ab Exercises
The best ab exercises are crunches, which are great for getting a muscular stomach, by isolating these key core muscles that help with stability and posture.
Back Strengthening Exercises
Back strengthening exercises are perfect for broadening your figure and giving you that triangular body shape that you have always wanted.
Shoulder Exercises
Shoulder exercises are incredible for getting a rounded and sculpted delts. Moderately exercising your shoulders, also reduces the likelihood of shoulder pain, which is commonly caused by tendon soreness in the rotator cuff due to vigorous throwing, lifting, sport or any action that requires you to raise your arms.
Marcy Home Gym
The Marcy home gym collection is one of the most innovative and popular fitness systems available. They include home gyms, weight benches, exercise bikes and elliptical cross trainers.
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Learn Home Gym.com - Use your own house as a home gym and get fit!
Learn How To Grow Muscle At Your Home Gym In Just 6 Months!

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